Frequently asked questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked consumer questions. If you do not find the answer to your question on this page, please go to the Technical Support page, fill in your details and your query and a qualified technician will respond to your request as soon as possible.


Q. How do I learn a transmitter into my motor / receiver?

On this web site search for your product under the PRODUCTS listing tab. On each product page, you will find downloadable technical instructions, and brochures for that product.


Q. Where can I get technical information on my product?

On this web site search for your product under the PRODUCTS tab. On each product page, you will find downloadable technical instructions and brochures for that product.


Q. What is holiday lockout? Why does my motor beep rapidly and not run?

It is a security mode that is controlled by the master key holder/owner to prevent other transmitter holders from accessing the property. Holiday lock-out mode is indicated by multiple rapid beeps and no movement of the gate or door when the transmitter or remote button is pressed. For more information on how to use this feature, consult your user instructions downloadable on this web site under the PRODUCTS tab.


Q. Can I use ET remotes to control other makes of motors and applications?

Yes. By installing one of our universal matching receivers, you can remotely control a wide range of equipment. Please discuss this with your local installer/service provider. Our receiver options are listed under the PRODUCTS tab on this web site.


Q. Why do I not get good remote range with my transmitter?

Ensure that your transmitter and receiver are in clear line of site when operated. Ensure that the receiver antenna is not folded over, damaged, or modified. Straight-up is preferred. Ensure that there is no other transmitter equipment in the area that could cause interference. Examples are wire-free alarm detectors, wire-free door bells, and TV remote extenders. Raising your receiver position can improve your remote range.


Q. How do I identify what model of product I have?

Check the product casing for model number or description. Check the installer / user manual for model number or description. Identify your product on the web page under the PRODUCTS tab.

If you are unable to locate the stickers simply email a picture of your product to us and we will gladly assist you.


Q. What information should I have ready when asking for product support?

1. Product type and model. (a photograph will assist if you are unsure)

2. When was the product installed?

3. A brief description of fault. Video tape the condition using your cell phone if you find it difficult to describe.

4. Details of the original installer/service provider if available.


Q. Who do I contact about necessary work being done on my ET product on site?

You are welcome to contact your nearest ET branch (listed under the CONTACT US tab) for a list of ET product installers / service providers in your area. Alternatively check with your local service provider as to whether they are an ET installer / service provider.


Q. Why does my gate / garage door not open / close all the way?

It is possibly overloading. Put the motor in manual override mode and operate the gate / door by hand over the complete travel distance in both directions. It must move freely and smoothly for any automation equipment to be able to operate it.


Q. Why does my gate or door stop short and when it stops the motor emits a single beep tone?

Your motor is a battery operated unit and the battery is depleted. This could be because of an extended mains failure and the battery may simply need time to recharge. If the condition persists after approximately 10 hours of recharging then the battery is fatigued and needs to be replaced.